It’s important to remember, the Nestlé Academy application process is designed to find out if you have the strengths and values we’re looking for at Nestlé. This means that from the moment you start to fill in your application, you should focus on highlighting your best points.

Do your research and be ready to be challenged, but most importantly – be yourself! Our recruitment and selection process is strengths-based so we’re looking for you to understand and be true to yourself and to show genuine passion and enthusiasm.

Competition for places on all our programmes is fierce. We’ll be looking for your interest in our business, our industry, and, in particular, the specific programme you’ve applied for. You will need to apply directly for the specific programme which you wish to join. You can only apply to one Nestlé Academy scheme per year, so make sure you explore all of our programmes and apply for the scheme which best fits your strengths, interests and future ambitions.

We believe the best talent should have the best chance of joining us, so we’ve tried to make the application process for all our programmes as straight-forward as possible by allowing you to be prepared.

Whichever programme you apply for, you’ll go through a number of different strengths-based stages, and each stage will become more challenging so we can identify the very best people for our business.


To enable you to register your interest in one of our Academy programmes, we will ask you a few pre-screening questions. You will need to answer yes to these pre-screening questions to progress to the application section. If you cannot answer yes to the pre-screening questions, unfortunately you are ineligible on this occasion.

Online Application

The online application consists of a series of short questionnaires. There is no way to revise for these, we just need your personal details, and want to know about your preferences and what engages you. Thousands of people apply to our Academy schemes every year, so it’s important that you submit your application as soon as possible and if there is a deadline that you do not miss this!

Online Tests

Following successful submission of your application, you will be invited to complete a couple of online tests, details of which you can find below:

Situational Strengths Test

The Situational Strengths Test presents you with a series of typical scenarios you may come across in your role at Nestlé. We will present you with a series of video clips and ask you to tell us how you would respond in that situation. You will also be able to read the scenario should you prefer. Your responses will tell us whether you’d enjoy working at Nestlé and whether you have the overall strengths required to be successful here. The most important thing to remember with the Situational Strengths Test is to answer as honestly as possible.

You can try out some sample Situational Strengths Test scenarios here:

Numerical Reasoning Test

Following the Situational Strengths Test, you will be asked to complete our online numerical reasoning test. We will present you with a range of situations involving numerical calculations that you are likely to encounter in the workplace. Please calculate the answer to the best of your ability. Although we will record the time you take to complete your numerical, we will not limit the time available to you: it is important you work efficiently, but effectively.

Social Mobility Questionnaire

We will also ask you a series of questions about your background. This is only to help us ensure our assessments are fair to everyone; your responses will not be used to assess your suitability for our programme. These questions are optional so if you’d rather not answer, please select ‘prefer not to say’.


Strengths-based Video Interview

You may be invited to complete a Strengths-based Video Interview.

The Video Interview will include questions designed to identify your strengths in more depth, as well as some technical-based questions, so we can identify your passion for and knowledge of the function you’re applying to. The Video Interview is automated, so there won’t be an interviewer to speak to. Instead, the questions are presented on the screen and you record your answers using a webcam.


Assessment Centre

The next stage of the Academy recruitment process is the Assessment Centre. This will be held either virtually, or be held at one of our Nestlé sites, and will be a half or full day event. You will be assessed in a series of strengths-based exercises. This is your opportunity to show us what you’re made of, so be prepared and be yourself.

Your Assessment Centres could include some of these activities:

  • Group Exercise – you’ll read a brief, discuss and action a solution in a group, and present your conclusions to the assessors. You’ll need to make a quality contribution, work collaboratively but stand by your views if you think they’re right.
  • Interview – you’ll be asked a number of motivational and strengths-based questions. Be ready to answer the questions in full with examples and enthusiasm. We’re looking to assess your understanding, passion and commitment to Nestlé and the role you have applied for.
  • Presentation – ahead of your Assessment Centre you may be given a brief and asked to prepare a presentation for your Assessment Centre day. We’ll be assessing your technical knowledge and your presentation structure and style.

Further information about every stage of the process will be provided as you make your way through the application.

All our offers of employment are subject to the satisfactory completion of our pre-employment screening process. This includes checks relating to your employment history, gap verification and confirmation of your identity. For certain roles additional checks may be required.  If this is the case, the Talent Acquisition team will make this clear during the application process.