Cereal Partners Worldwide   
What can you expect?

New for 2020-2021, we have two Engineering Apprenticeships available – offering you even more choice! You can apply to Nestlé, renowned for the many famous products we make, from KitKat to Felix, and so many more. Or to Cereal Partners UK (CPUK) – the long-standing partnership between Nestlé and General Mills, that’s dedicated solely to breakfast cereals, from Shredded Wheat to Cheerios… all the favourites come from here.

This isn’t university. For starters, you’ll be learning in the real-world of work as well as in the classroom. Developing some big career skills with one of two global food and drink manufacturers! You’re going to be working hard, so you deserve to be rewarded for it.

Your initial college period will run for 20 weeks, where you’ll be getting to know your peers and learning to work as a team. Where in the country your course takes place depends on which business you choose to apply to Nestlé or CPUK. Wherever you join, you’ll be thrown into the thick of it, splitting your time between college and workplaces, learning everything from mechanical fitting, turning and welding to isolation, problem solving and planned maintenance.

You know what root cause analysis is? If not, get ready to find out. Know what it takes to be a great coach? You soon will. With our support and training and you giving it your all, our aim is to make you a great maintenance technician, setting you up for potential careers as an Engineering Specialist, Maintenance Manager, Project Engineer or Engineering Manager. With your dedication, the sky’s the limit to where you can take this thing.

You’ll walk out of here with a Food & Drink Maintenance Engineer L3 qualification and then the rest is down to you.

Who are we looking for?

We’re open to everyone. Seriously. We don’t close our eyes and picture an engineer. So you shouldn’t either and nor should your family when you tell them this is what you want to do. The fact that you’re seriously excited about this tells us all we need to know. You have a passion for work, you’re determined, you’re resilient and you’re proud. What more could we ask for?

Well, some solid results, of course. We want people with 5 GCSEs or equivalent (actual or predicted) at grades 9-4 (or A*-C if received in 2017 of before), including Maths and English Language. You’ll have to be 18 plus by the 1st September 2021. Then there’s problem solving skills, team working skills and flexibility. If you’re going to make it here, you’re going to have all of that in droves. Yep, we’re asking for a lot, but then we’re going to give you a lot in return, so… makes sense, right?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s mix it up!

Please note that you can only make one application per annual recruitment intake, so do take time to consider what’s going to suit you best.

Applications are now closed.