Salary £30,000

How did our top professionals get to where they are now? Like you, they set their sights on each career objective and found the route to achieving it. For creative, problem-solving graduates, that route is our Manufacturing Graduate Scheme—and applications are open right now. Come and get the structured learning and real work experience you need to build an amazing career with the world’s biggest food and beverage manufacturer.

At Nestlé we’ll take your career seriously. On our Manufacturing Graduate Scheme, we’ll guide you towards the career that suits you and the business the best and always support you in reaching your full potential. Whatever your background. Whoever you are. Our differences are the driving force of Continuous Improvement and in Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement is the name of the game.

We’ve got placements running at multiple UK sites, meaning that our expertise is accessible, but you’ll need to be willing to move around to maximise your development opportunities and to suit business needs. You can be sure that wherever you work, the quality mentorship you’ll receive will put you on course to really make something of your career here at Nestlé. Plus, the relationships that you build now will form part of your foundation for excellence.

What the Manufacturing Graduate Scheme entails

Our Manufacturing Graduate Scheme will fast-track your career development by giving you a deeper understanding of all the processes that go into manufacturing here. You’ll see how they work together and where you might fit in amongst them and really make a difference.

You’ll have laid some solid foundations at university. On this scheme, you’ll learn how to develop and apply them to our process-to-build capability. Shop floor and shift management. Project management. Total Productive Maintenance tools and DMAIC. With the leadership and management skills you’ll develop, you’ll take on real challenges and make an impact as you lay the foundations for a great future.

Over the course of two years, you’ll spend time in different functions producing the likes of Rolo, Quality Street, After Eight, Matchmakers, Felix and Bakers. Whichever of our iconic products you get involved with, you’ll work with the very best in the industry and will always be progressing.

The network of contacts and relationships you build here will prove invaluable to your professional development and your career journey will see you working across numerous categories. At an organisation like Nestlé, the possibilities are limitless—just like your ambition, right now.

Who is eligible for the Manufacturing Graduate Scheme?

People don’t come off the production line—we’re looking for individuals. You’ll need a degree but, we’re not looking for particular subjects or grades (although the more relevant, the better). All we need is to see that you're the kind of person who can meet every day and more strategic challenges with clear, creative solutions.

It takes a certain attitude to work here—if you’re someone who is excited about their own future development and wants to make a positive impact in business and in the wider world, you're exactly what we’re looking for.

What will I get out of a Nestlé Manufacturing Graduate Scheme?

You’ll get an introduction to cutting-edge manufacturing that offers the best of both worlds, as you work alongside our production teams, leading and supporting on all sorts of exciting projects. All the training and real-life experience, with leading-edge techniques that come with working for a global manufacturer, will be paired with closely mentored learning, adapted to your personal learning style and interests.

We’ll help you develop specific skills that will enable you to keep pace with a fast-moving environment, but you’ll also take on behaviours that will prepare you for a role leading your own manufacturing teams and creating your own legacy as your career develops. From thriving as a Line Manager to potentially working globally as part of the Nestlé Performance Acceleration team. At Nestlé, with the right talents, you’re getting ready for a future of potentially limitless development

There’s also our ‘Force for Good’ initiative, which is all about making sure our commercial goals are aligned with social responsibilities like healthy eating and helping the environment. It means that, by playing a part in things like our move towards recycled paper packaging, you’ll be making a positive impact in the wider world. At a huge organisation like ours, that makes a real difference—and it’ll bring a whole load of added value to your career here.

For someone with your ambition and sense of career direction, the Nestlé Manufacturing Graduate Scheme is tailor made.

We understand starting a new role can be an expensive time – to aid this we offer relocation support if your role requires a move away from home. We know that the support needed is as individual as you are – so please reach out and let us know how we can make this journey in to work together.

Applications are now closed.