What can you expect?

Marketing is communication. Marketing is insight and innovation. Marketing is all about understanding who your audience is and how best to talk to them. How can we excite them with our amazing products and brands? It considers every single consumer touch point; from the product and packaging in someone’s hand to the social media post on their phone.

Marketing is where we determine what we think will delight our consumers, how we can be stronger than our competitors and how we’re going to get out there and really stand out to shoppers. We work on branding, we work with product development, we innovate every day just as part of the job. And, wherever your two-year placement, you can expect some serious early career highs.

Work in our Purina, Nestlé Professional or Confectionery teams and they’ll throw you into the heart of brand management. You’ll get into all the market analysis and learn how we innovate off the back of it. Joining the team as an Assistant Brand Manager, you’ll quickly start bringing brands to life!

There are positions available in a variety of UK locations and whichever route you go down you’ll put learning into serious practice, as you work alongside experts on live projects, liaising with different departments to create action plans. There’s no lack of responsibility here, you’ll take the lead in a range of areas as you learn about everything from digital and shopper marketing to budget management.

You’ll get the chance to work on some incredible brands, whether pets are your thing working on Felix or one of our big confectionery brands like KitKat or Quality Street. Whichever placement you experience, you’ll come out with all the skills you need to build a career as prestigious and rewarding as the one you know you deserve.

Who are we looking for?

Problem-solvers with commercial instincts are the ones who do well here. Well, no two days are alike. It takes the kind of person who enjoys a creative, fluid environment, but still has a head for concrete realities. Oh and, almost goes without saying, your communications skills are going to be dazzling.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shaping the future of some of the world’s best-known brands!

Please note that you can only make one application per annual recruitment intake, so do take time to consider what’s going to suit you best. You must have the right to work in the UK. 

Applications for 2020/21 will be opening on 28th September.