Salary £30,000

Imagine creating brand communications for products like KitKat, Aero, Nescafé or Cheerios. Household names that everyone knows and loves and seeing your work go from concept to the shelves! Applications are open right now for our Marketing Graduate Scheme. On it you’ll learn exactly how that’s done, and how to develop your own ideas—to form part of the future marketing at Nestlé.

We want people to be themselves here—the more individuality we have in our Marketing team, the better. That’s why we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. Individuality is where our innovation comes from – so you can be sure we’ll always help you to be the very best version of yourself you can be.

You can join the scheme at multiple locations around the UK. And—whether it’s at York, Gatwick, or at Welwyn Garden City at Nestlé Cereal Partners UK (CPUK)—you’ll be getting the very best in mentoring and support from world-leading marketers, many of whom joined Nestlé via our Graduate scheme too!

What the Marketing Scheme entails

Joining a company the size of Nestlé means plenty of variety and, on our Marketing Graduate Scheme, you’ll experience everything that innovative, modern marketing has to offer. From understanding and acting on key insights about our target consumers, to creating meaningful brand communications and analysing market trends and brand performance – you’ll get to know the whole process and take your creativity to the next level.

You’ll be learning a huge amount, but you’ll do it all in a structured way that’s designed to ease you into your new role and make the transition from university to career as smooth as possible.

Over two years, you’ll experience real hands-on marketing, leading projects that will allow you to see your impact on our brands. So for anyone fresh from university who has ambitions of a great marketing career, this is the place to be. You’ve worked hard to get this far— come and see how much further you could go.

Who is eligible for the Marketing Graduate Scheme?

At Nestlé, we’re looking to the future. We’re excited about variation and we embrace the different backgrounds and backstories of all applicants. But what’s most important to us is where you’re going. What your ambitions are and how we can work together to achieve them.

We want to be a ‘Force for Good’ in the world—so a big part of fitting in here is about aligning your own career goals with those of the wider world and realising the huge potential we have to make a positive difference.

You’ll need a degree, of course, but that can be in any subject and at any grade—what’s most important is your passion for the industry and your desire to thrive within it. It’s in those areas that Nestlé people really distinguish themselves.

What will I get out of a Nestlé Graduate Scheme?

For a budding marketeer, there’s really nowhere better to start your career. Not only do we produce some of the world’s best- known brands, we’re also pushing things forward when it comes to modern, ethical approaches to marketing. At a huge company like ours, small things can make real a difference. That’s the great thing about working here—your ideas can have a global impact. Like our 2025 Carbon Neutral Kit Kat pledge or our Responsible Marketing for Children initiative—as seen on the Milky Bar website. Not to mention our drive towards more environmentally-friendly packaging with YES! bar and Smarties. All showing that, at Nestlé, it’s about aligning commercial goals with social responsibility. Soon, you’ll be coming up with ideas like those yourself, and you’ll know exactly how to make them a reality.

To the kind of creative minds that thrive here, Nestlé’s ‘Force for Good’ initiative is really something to be excited about. Look at our Torque d’OR competition for evidence of that. Thanks to the multi-channel creative efforts of the marketing team, Torque d’OR is nurturing a new generation of talented chefs while creating commercial opportunities for Nestlé within the hospitality industry. It’s called Creating Shared Value (CSV) and it’s what ‘Force for Good’ is all about.

So, here at Nestlé, it’s as much ‘what will the Marketing Graduate Scheme enable me to give?’ as it is ‘what will I get out of it?’ That’s why working here is so fulfilling. Join our Marketing team, and you’ll discover how your talent can earn you a great career that will give you a real sense of involvement—both here at Nestlé, and in the wider world.

We understand starting a new role can be an expensive time – to aid this we offer relocation support if your role requires a move away from home. We know that the support needed is as individual as you are – so please reach out and let us know how we can make this journey in to work together.

Applications are now closed.