What can you expect?

As you can imagine, we use a huge amount of packaging – but we are committed to developing the smartest end-to-end processes to minimise our impact on the environment. With innovation so high on the agenda there really hasn’t been a better time to join us as a Packaging Engineering Graduate.

Starting off in close-kit groups with other graduates, you’ll be taking on real projects across various functions including engineering, packaging and innovation and you’ll spend valuable time with the teams behind some of our products. It’s all about showing you how to develop new ideas and put them into practice.

Over the course of two years you’ll get an in-depth understanding of all our packaging processes from set-up to operation. You will learn about the interface between equipment and materials, continuous improvement and will come out with a great career as a Packaging Engineering specialist with Nestlé. And, as you apply your knowhow and develop your new skills, you’ll discover your potential to grow into more senior specialist or expert roles, whilst developing your leadership.

Your new skills will be put to the test every day as you get involved with ideation, trial planning and pilot plant trails – getting an up-close look at our equipment and every stage of packaging production too. Forming, weighing, sealing, 3D printing, CAD drawing and modelling – it’s all covered. And, once you’re up and running with all that, we’ll take you through the process of liaising with internal and external stakeholders so you can put your learning into practice for real.

Who are we looking for?

You’ll be learning an incredible amount, so make sure you come with a thirst for knowledge and the drive to make us even better at what we do with a pro-active structured approach.

To be a Packaging Engineering Graduate you’ll need to have studied or currently be studying a relevant degree such as Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Automation or an electrical-based subject. You’ll also need to be geographically mobile – you really could take this anywhere.

If you want a career with serious weight, this is the path for you. It’ll take commitment, a commercial mind-set and a heck of a lot of hard work. In short, it’ll take people who want to build a lasting career full of exciting challenges and amazing possibilities.

Applications are now closed.