Wietskevan Haalen
Science Graduate, NPTC, York

My Masters degree at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where I’m from, sent me to Nestlé website to understand what opportunities they had. That was almost four years ago now, and so applied for the Science Graduate Scheme as part of the KitKat team. I’ve now finished the scheme and have moved into the role of Associate Specialist.

So far, I’ve been involved in the product development of the recently launched KitKat Senses, which allowed me to travel to the Sofia factory to attend the very first production of the product. Definitely one of my best experiences was seeing the first products of a project I’d been working on for a long time, hitting the shelves.

Also, the project management side of the role has allowed me to work with many different functions and stakeholders across all sites and levels of the business. So yes, the role ensures a versatile working environment and I get to work with people of many different nationalities.

It’s a great company to work for. Due to its size, the impact I can have here is significant. And I really like the company’s values and feel happy contributing to them as part of my job. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined the business just how much they were embedded in the culture and daily reality.

What can you expect?

Our two-year Science Graduate Scheme will see you working your way towards a role within a specific product group within the business. In that time, you’ll work on a defined project. And, once completed, you’ll be ready to take on a role within a more niche area, such as Flavour, Leadership, Expert in Field, Project Management or a myriad of other career paths, dependent on your strengths and ambitions.

Join us and you’ll:

  • Gain an outstanding entry to a commercial science career
  • Project manage anything from new design to innovation projects, with the support of experienced Science team members
  • Use external insight, universities and companies to develop new ideas in the Laboratory
  • Report back to key stakeholders on your project
Who are we looking for?

If you’re about to graduate, or have already graduated, in a Science or Food Technology related degree, this is an outstanding opportunity to learn from industry experts. If you have a masters or PHD all the better! Whatever your qualifications, you’ll need to be self-motivated and independent, confident and with a genuine desire to experiment. We’re looking for the kind of people who’ll play on innovation and are excited by the prospect of developing the products and technologies of tomorrow.

Applications will be opening in October 2019.