What can you expect?

You’re ready. You’ve got the qualifications and the drive. Now you just have to choose the right employer. All these companies telling you they’re ‘developing Sales leaders of the future.’ How do you pick one that really means it? After all, they’re all going to want your passion for delighting customers and different way of looking at the world. They’ll all be blown away by your ability to build relationships and spot opportunities.

Your family and friends say, ‘you’ll know the right company when you find it.’ But those companies are all saying roughly the same thing, aren’t they? Accelerated development, breadth of experience and the chance to get to know the business front-to-back. So how will you know?

Well, OK… we’re not going to tell you that we promise anything dramatically different here at Nestlé. But we tell you this: we are the world’s largest food and drink manufacturer. No one else is saying that, are they? It means you’ll be working with some of the nation’s favourite brands – KitKat, Nescafé, Felix, San Pellegrino… You’ve heard of them, right? Right!

And, whilst we will definitely say that thing about giving you the chance to spend time with senior leaders so you can learn what good looks like in terms of commercial skills, we’ll also say this: we want to learn from you, too! You are the future, so let’s see what you’ve got.

Six months’ placements over two years that will see you out in the field with your own sales territory for a while. You’ll spend time working within the Customer Exec team, learning about the mechanics of sales. And will be part of the eBusiness and Online team before working on your own account with your own customer. That’s what we’re offering. Seriously, it’s going to be whatever you make of it. So really go for it, and, by the end of the scheme, you’ll be a bona fide Salesperson for one of the biggest businesses on the planet.

Obviously, there’ll be plenty of support. We’re not just throwing you in at the deep end. We want you to succeed! So we’ll give you a mentor, time to bond with the other new starters on your cohort and plenty of classroom based training to get you up to speed.

Who are we looking for?

Problem solvers. Agile learners. Thinkers. Doers. Decision makers. People who get a kick out of negotiating great deals and love to see things through, whether in the office or out and about meeting your customers (you’ll need a full, valid Driving Licence). But most of all we want people who will show us their individual talent for relationship building. And if you’ve got previous sales experience gained in any environment, even better!

Don’t worry about having the ‘right’ degree. It takes people from all backgrounds working together to do what we do. More diversity means more perspectives, better analysis and better business relationships. We think this all adds up to what we hope is everything you’ve been looking for. If you can find a better start to a sales career than that, well… congrats. Because we think Nestlé is just about one of the best places a person starting out in their career can find. We hope you do too.

Please note that you can only make one application per annual recruitment intake, so do take time to consider what’s going to suit you best. You must have the right to work in the UK.

Applications are now closed but we have other schemes available.