Alissa Adams
Supply Chain Graduate, Gatwick

I’ve been on the Supply Chain Graduate Scheme for the last two years and I’ve completed three placements in that time.

I started out as a Customer Demand Planner for the Purina brand and then I went on to be an Inbound Supply Coordinator at the Tutbury factory in Staffordshire. Now I’m working as an Exports Coordinator for Beverages.

The nice thing about the graduate scheme here, is that you’re able to do all these various roles within the different business divisions. It quickly gives you a real breadth of understanding of the whole Nestlé operation.

I’d say that’s what I enjoy most about working here. But I can’t forget to mention the people too. Everyone is just lovely and there’s such a great culture within the workplace. I think it’s important to do your research and learn about the company, its heritage and its products before you apply.

Once you get here though, just be yourself. This is a chance to really understand the complexity of the products we offer and with some fantastic people working alongside you.

What can you expect?

Our two-year Supply Chain Graduate Scheme, located across various nationwide sites, will see you undertaking three placements for the duration of the scheme. These could be in Procurement, Customer Service, Demand and Supply Planning or in Logistics. From these placements, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Supply Chain, working across different categories and business areas.

Join us and you’ll:

  • Work in collaboration with major customers/ retailers
  • Negotiate supplier contracts
  • Forecast sales for any of our famous brands
  • Create long term factory production plans
  • Work with the transport team to deliver on-time to the customer
  • Manage product launches throughout the Supply Chain
Who are we looking for?

Cost and sustainability is a key focus for our Supply Chain, so you’ll have a keen interest in how Nestlé can reduce costs with minimal environmental impact. You should also have a logical approach, great problem solving skills and the ability to think outside the box.

There’s never been a better opportunity to develop your supply chain career. To apply we are looking for you to hold a degree, but it can be in any discipline. We are more interested in your behaviours and how you will fit in with our business.

Applications will be opening in October 2019.