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What can you expect?

New for 2020-2021, we have two Graduate Supply Chain schemes available – offering you even more choice! You can apply to Nestlé, renowned for the many famous products we make, from KitKat to Felix, and so many more. Or to Cereal Partners UK (CPUK) - the long-standing partnership between Nestlé and General Mills, that’s dedicated solely to breakfast cereals. Based in Welwyn Garden City, CPUK make Shreddies, Cheerieos, Golden Grahams… all the favourites come from here. Wherever you join, Supply Chain will be a very wide-ranging area, made up of lots of different teams involved at the start of a product’s life. From finding the ingredients through to getting the product into the hands of our customers and consumers. Think coffee bean to Nescafé. Grain of wheat to Shredded Wheat.

With Supply Chain, you’ll be keeping the conversation flowing between all the different parts of Nestlé or CPUK, our suppliers and our customers. You’ll also be problem-solving on-the-fly, thinking logically and putting those serious people skills of yours to use. Turning specialist insight into solid plans, you’ll ensure our iconic products reach the hands of consumers across the world.

Your training will see you hitting all the different parts of the company and all the different processes. It could see you helping source the best raw materials to organising the delivery of products to customers – it’s all about getting a full understanding of how everything works together to get the end product. And you’ll be putting everything you learn into practice.

In two years, you’ll undergo three placements (6-12 months long) that could be at different factory sites, so you can experience supply chain first hand. You’ll talk to our customers and look at sales forecasting, all with a focus on sustainability, recycling and cost-effectiveness. It’ll be a packed couple of years, but you’ll come away bursting with specialist know-how, learned from experienced professionals.  

And there’s huge potential. Supply Chain covers roles like Logistics (which is Transport and Warehousing), Procurement (sourcing everything from recycled plastic to milk) and Demand Planning (figuring out how much we’re going to sell). The scope is massive.

Who are we looking for?

People who think things through, who see problems before they occur and, if they do, can take steps to remedy them quickly. This role is about challenging the norm – seeing the way we do things and daring to find a better way.

We want people who’ll take a front seat in the decision-making process. After all, you’ll be shaping the future of either Nestlé or CPUK, driving the sustainability agenda. So if you’re just out of uni with a decent degree and are champing at the bit to put your big ideas into action, let’s chat. We think we might have a lot in common. 

Please note that you can only make one application per annual recruitment intake, so do take time to consider what’s going to suit you best.

Applications are now closed.