What can you expect?

On your 12-month Placement you’ll get involved with business-critical projects. The big stuff. Making decisions that affect all areas of Nestlé. But don’t worry, you’ll be helped every step of the way by our team of seasoned experts.

You can apply for a Placement in one of the following areas:

The ‘Ensuring Supply’ Placement focuses on helping to keep our production lines and the many products they create moving. At a company our size, that gives you a lot to sink your teeth into. You’ll be responsible for supporting Technical, Production, Purchasing, Quality and Supply Chain operations with the systems and processes they use throughout the UK and Ireland. You’ll be listening to people’s concerns and delivering solutions that will make their lives easier. Problem-solvers and trouble-shooters end up being very popular.

Land a Placement in Finance and we’ll give you an insight into what makes our business tick. You’ll provide support for all aspects of Finance from accounts payable and receivable, to banking, factory costing to exports, including intermarket supply operations. There’s a lot to take in (like we said, we’re a large business) but you’ll emerge a year later as an expert in your field.

On the Commercial Support Placement, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting our Marketing, Sales and eBusiness colleagues. That means you’ll be working closely with the teams that sell our products and develop our famous brands. You’ll be a key member of our team, supporting the operation and compliance of key IT systems used by the Nestlé brands every day. We’ll need you to help define how we work with our customers and how we interact with our consumers. Your strategic thinking will help give our Commercial team the edge!

The Customer Care placement is all about communications! You’ll be speaking with colleagues from around our Nestlé businesses, ensuring they have access to the tools they need to keep our business moving. From colleagues working on our Factory Floor, to VIPs in our Head Office, you’ll play a key part in ensuring our operations run smoothly. Our Customer Care Team also help our business to grow, leading new IT initiatives to support our colleagues to get the most out of technology, every day.

Want to create solutions for everyday problems? The Applications Placement is for you! You’ll spend time supporting and evolving locally developed applications for the Nestlé business. Working alongside our stakeholders, you’ll use IT tools to create opportunities and solve business problems. A keen eye for detail is an essential skill for this role! Think you’re the right fit? You’ll also need to become familiar with databases, web and low-code technologies. Help our business to grow and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Compliance is all around us, and a key part of business today. Join us as a Security & Compliance placement and you’ll be involved in all aspects of risk management and data privacy. We’ll also ask you to coordinate Cyber Security initiatives and support our Audit activities. With compliance, the key is in the detail! You’ll also be involved in Market Role Co-ordination; ensuring our colleagues have the access they need to excel in their roles (in a secure manner!) Interested? We’ll help you to learn key skills which will be invaluable in your future career.

Based in York, we’ll expose you to a whole range of Nestlé businesses within the UK and Ireland. This level of exposure to the inner workings of one of the world’s largest food and drink manufacturers is not an opportunity that should be overlooked!

Who are we looking for?

This is an opportunity for someone with bags of drive and enthusiasm. We are looking for people nearing the end of their degree who are looking ahead thinking; ‘what do I want from my career?’

We want you to see this as an opportunity to demonstrate to us what we would be missing if we didn’t take you on permanently once you have graduated! Show us how you can tackle a range of challenges head-on. Bring us an innovative ‘can-do’ approach and show us solutions based on your analysis that we can help you implement.

This Placement will immerse you in a world of learning and give you immense access to our experts’ experience and knowledge. You need an agile approach to learning, to get a real kick out of problem-solving and to thrive in a fast-paced, quick-changing environment. So if you can become a core part of the team and communicate well with people right across the business, we’ll help you emerge at the end of your Placement with the skills necessary to create an amazing long-term career.

Applications are now closed.