Salary £18,600

Come and get a taste of life at the world’s biggest food and beverage company on the Graphic Design Placement at Nestlé UKI Content Studio. Applications are now open for you to join our highly creative team, developing professional skills in graphic design, both for digital and print. Successfully complete the Placement and you’ll do so ready for an exciting career as a Graphic Designer.

Nestlé is a company that values individuality and, in creative marketing, individual ideas are what it’s all about. Being different enables us to stand out—that’s vital in our industry—and it’s why we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds. Diversity of people means diversity of ideas—that’s what makes us creative.

Join us here in York and, on your 12-month placement, the experience you’ll gain with cutting-edge content creation will introduce you to some amazing possibilities for your career. Add to that our expert mentoring and you’ll be able to take your career to the pinnacle of your ambition.

What the Digital Graphic Design Placement entails

You’ll be welcomed into a fast-paced creative environment, full of people who are really excited about the work they do and want to show you exactly why that is. Diving straight into the production of both digital and print content with our Shopper Activation team, you’ll thrive on applying all your creative energy—but that’s what attracted you to this kind of work in the first place!

Working on this programme means getting the chance to create Digital Graphic Design content for some of the world’s most iconic and popular brands. Imagine seeing the work you’ve done come to life in stores and on our website. You’ll do just that from the start, but in a structured way that makes for a valuable learning experience.

We’re here to encourage you as much as to develop your skill set. Plus, when you join us, we want your opinions as much as we do your creative abilities—they’re equally important for us. You’ll be invited to shape the creative paths of established global brands and will even help to develop our studio as an internal centre of excellence.

Lifting the lid on the whole content creation process, you’ll also get to shadow senior and middleweight designers so you can see exactly how it’s done and pick up the kind of design wisdom that only comes from respected, credible professionals. That diversity of learning makes the Nestlé Placement a fulfilling introduction to your career.

Who is eligible for the Digital Graphic Design Placement?

We’re looking for people who are committed to a future career in Graphic Design with a global company. You’ll need to be in your penultimate year at university, studying for a graphic design degree—and will need a good working knowledge of the Adobe suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, too.

Communication is the essence of everything we do in creative marketing, so we want to see your passion for expressing ideas. During your time on the Placement, you will, of course, get better at doing that and be more accomplished in the process of realising your own ideas in new and interesting ways. You’re coming here to build professional-level confidence and creativity—with our guidance, that’s just what you’ll do.

What will I get out of a Nestlé Placement?

Where else do you get to work with iconic, world-famous brands like KitKat, Smarties, Nescafé and Nesquik? For someone with big ambitions for their Graphic Design career, this is an opportunity to quickly build up a portfolio filled with high-profile projects and campaigns across a variety of media. What’s more, you’ll have achieved all of this before you’ve even finished university.

Even more exciting are the potential career opportunities you’ll create for yourself here. We’re always expanding, developing new products and refining what we do. That ongoing process means new career opportunities come along all the time. Impress us with the work you do, and build up the right relationships, and you could find a position waiting for you when you finish your studies.

Nestlé is a global centre of excellence, which means that competition can be stiff when it comes to landing the best, most fulfilling roles. Complete the Placement and you’ll already have shown you’ve got what it takes to succeed here—that’s truly impressive.

We understand starting a new role can be an expensive time – to aid this we offer relocation support if your role requires a move away from home. We know that the support needed is as individual as you are – so please reach out and let us know how we can make this journey in to work together.

Applications are now closed.