Salary £18,600

ISIT is a hot topic in the digital age and, as global businesses head ever further into the digital realm, the career opportunities in the sector are massive. If you’re thinking about building a career in this exciting field, you’d be hard pressed to find a better launchpad than Nestlé—the world’s single largest food and drink company.

Here, diverse voices from all walks of life input into this fast-developing discipline. Different types of people mean different types of thinking and that all leads to an environment that’s alive with ideas, debate and industry-defining solutions. For you, it means beginning your career on a real high.

What the Information Technology Placement entails

Join us on this 12-month placement—designed especially for students about to enter their final year of university—and you’ll dive into a world of business-critical systems and projects. Based in York or Gatwick, we’ll give you exposure you to different business units across the UK and Ireland and the chance to network with their cross-functional teams.

You’ll choose two areas of ISIT to focus on—this will both give you a rounded view of the company’s technology needs, but also allow you to gain depth of knowledge in your chosen subdivisions. When you apply, let us know your chosen two from this exciting range of areas:

  • Ensuring Supply – Supporting UK and Ireland Technical, Production, Purchasing, Quality and Supply Chain operations with essential systems and processes.
  • Finance – From accounts payable and receivable to banking, factory costing and exports, including intermarket supply operations, we’ll help you develop broad financial systems expertise.
  • Commercial Support – Support the systems used by our Marketing, Sales and eBusiness colleagues—the people who sell our products and develop our famous brands.
  • Customer Care – Communicating with colleagues from right across Nestlé, ensuring they have access to the tools they need to keep our company moving, and leading new IT initiatives.
  • Applications – Evolving locally developed applications specifically for Nestlé, you’ll use IT tools to create opportunities and solve business problems, picking up knowledge of database, web, and low-code technologies.
  • Security & Compliance - Supporting risk management, data privacy and the coordination of Cyber Security initiatives and audits. You’ll also ensure all our colleagues have secure access to Excel.
  • Technology Solutions – Supporting the technology systems, apps and devices that enable us to keep our business running, you’ll listen to people’s concerns, diagnose causes and learn how to deliver solutions that make lives easier.

Whichever areas you choose, you’ll get to make important decisions that affect all areas of our business. Daunted? Don’t be. Our seasoned experts will be by your side every step of the way, offering their guidance and sharing with you their wisdom, so that, by the end of the programme, you might even feel ready to become one of them.

Who is eligible for the Information Technology Placement?

Right now, you’ll be nearing the end of your bachelor’s degree and ready to start preparing for your future career. To us, it doesn’t matter what that degree is or which university it comes from—what’s more important is the level of curiosity it’s sparked in you and the enthusiasm it’s awakened toward the field of ISIT.

We want people who can show us what we’d be missing if we didn’t take them on permanently after graduation—we can’t give you any better tip for your application or interview preparation than that! Show us how you can tackle a range of challenges head-on. Bring us an innovative ‘can-do’ approach and give us an insight into the kinds of analytically rooted solutions you’d like to implement.

Because this placement will immerse you in a world of learning and give you access to so many experts’ experience and knowledge, you’ll need an agile approach to learning. Someone who gets a real kick out of problem-solving, you’ll thrive in a fast-paced, quick-changing environment.

What will I get out of a Nestlé Placement?

If you’re ready to become a core part of the team and communicate well with people right across the business, we’ll help you emerge at the end of your Placement with the skills necessary to create an amazing long-term career within a company that feels good to work for.

How? Well, in addition to all that expert guidance, by creating a workplace that plays to diverse strengths and encourages belonging. Our dog-friendly offices encourage mental wellbeing. Our drive to Create Shared Value enables holistic positive impact—for our customers, our teams, our business and our wider communities. And the enduring popularity of our globally renowned brands—from KitKat to Purina to Nescafé—ensures your career has maximum positive impact on people’s everyday lives. The chance to be a true force for good, in other words.

Applications are now closed.