Salary £18,600

Start a Confectioner Placement at the Nestlé Product Technology Centre (PTC) and we’ll teach you how we innovate to create new confectionery products here at the biggest food and beverage manufacturer in the world. Apply now and get a taste of what it's like to make decisions key to the development of new products on the world stage and learn skills that will give you a head start in your career after university.

Innovation is central to everything we do—and that’s doubly the case at our PTC. It takes thinkers of all different kinds to keep it that way—that’s why we welcome input from people from all backgrounds. More diversity makes us more innovative and is one of the reasons our PTC is such an exciting place to be.

Join us here in York and you’ll be mentored by some of the most creative minds at our organisation as you carve out career opportunities. After 12 months, you’ll return to your studies with renewed goals and knowing just how to achieve them.

What the PTC Confectioner Placement entails

On our structured program, you’ll rotate through different areas of product development so you can find what interests you. You’ll work with senior confectioners, product experts or packaging specialists and spend time with key stakeholders and in the Pilot Plant, plus Sensory & Lab.

You will be working alongside our confectioners in our development kitchen and get to support technical projects under their guidance. Treated as a team member like any other, you be included in the handmaking of concepts and products, your input will be important in determining project outcomes. You’ll be included in the decision-making process and you’ll get plenty of support and mentoring along the way.

The things you’ll do here aren’t training exercises—they actually matter. Learning to handle that level of responsibility is just one of the many core professional skills you’ll develop. Every day, you’ll engage in tasks that will broaden that skill set. Problem-solving. Innovation. Relationship building. Communication. You might not notice it happening—maybe you’ll be too engrossed in developing the next KitKat or Lion Bar—but you’ll be turning into a professional capable of cutting it with the world’s best.

Who is eligible for the PTC Confectioner Placement?

We’re looking for people with big ambitions for a career in product innovation. You’ll need to be studying, or have recently completed, a relevant degree in food, such as culinary arts, food science or food technology. Just as important is your passion for your chosen career path—we want people who know where they’re going and what they want.

You’ll be a networker, an agile learner and a resilient performer. Someone who won’t be shy about getting involved and whose ambition won’t be slowed by the odd failure. People like that fit in well at the PTC and get the most out of their time here. We’re looking for the type of person who will seize this opportunity with both hands.

What will I get out of a Nestlé Placement?

Our Placements are all about equipping you with the skills you need for a career as an innovative product developer—and all before you’ve even finished studying. Imagine returning to university after tasting life as a fully-fledged Nestlé professional—you’ll be sprinting to the finish line and, at the very least, will have an amazing foot in the door with one of the world’s biggest businesses waiting for you at the end.

Seeing up close how iconic products like KitKat, Aero and Nescafé are developed will fill you with ideas of your own, while the mentorship you’ll get here will show you how to put them into practice. That’s how you’ll develop the industry-specific skills that only a Placement like this can give you. Things like strategic awareness and implementation and innovation skills specifically within a product development context. Skills you can only learn by doing with some of the best in the business.

What makes us the best? It’s things like our ‘Force for Good’ initiative, which is all about ensuring our commercial goals are aligned with important social responsibilities like healthier eating and helping the environment. The work you’ll do in product development will feed into this directly—so you won’t just benefit from your time here, you’ll also give something back.

It’s a chance to do something that really matters and set yourself up for a career that could enable you to achieve so many positive things, both for yourself and for the world at large. You don’t get that everywhere—but at Nestlé, you do.

Applications are now closed.