Finished school with your exam results in the bag? You’ll be feeling pretty good right now. But why stop there? With a Nestlé Apprenticeship you can take that momentum forward and come out with a great career at the world’s largest food and drink manufacturer.

As an Apprentice, you’ll be getting stuck in from the get-go, working on live projects with world famous brands like KitKat, Nespresso and Felix. But don’t worry – our seasoned experts will be with you every step of the way, showing you how we do things but also encouraging you to develop your own ideas.

That’s because Nestlé is all about new ideas. And we know that the best come when our diverse and talented team collaborates. That’s what makes a Nestlé Apprenticeship such a great win-win idea: we secure an innovative future for our organisation and you get a great career in return.

How does gaining invaluable experience and a full-time salary, alongside a debt-free degree sound to you? Pretty good? If you’ve been weighing up going to uni or getting stuck into a real job, our Degree Apprenticeship could be just the ticket.

Having already completed, or due to complete your A-levels (or equivalent), the Nestlé Degree Apprenticeship will give you the best of both worlds – excellent degree-level learning and an attractive salary. When your friends are just graduating and desperate to get a foot on the career ladder, you’ll already be well on your way up and you’ll have a degree to boot! It’s not always going to be easy juggling a career and your studies, but we’ll give you loads of support at all sorts of levels. You’ll need to come with a real go-getter attitude and a desire to make an impact. Show us that and we’ll set you up for a long-term career at Nestlé.

Hard at work at uni with the finish line looming? Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to be daunted or excited. That’s where our Summer Internships and 12-month Industrial Placements step in. You’ll gain real experience and relevant training that will support your studies, and you’ll get a taste for a future career in an area you’re interested in.  

Our Internships and Placements are designed for students in their penultimate year of uni. The Summer Internship is a 10-week programme running from June to August, and the Placement scheme is a full year opportunity from June.

There’s no chance you’ll be brought on board just to make the tea. You’ll be working to a set of objectives on live projects that will add value to our business. Throw yourself into it, and you’ll emerge with a clear direction and a head start in a career with a bright future. Come reach your potential at Nestlé Academy.

So you’re a future innovator. That’s good. Now, where are you going to take that? How about to a company where you can really make a difference? A company with a 150 year history that’s as innovative now as any business around. OK, now you’re thinking.

And that’s exactly why we set up Nestlé Academy in 2011. It’s our way of focusing on the bright talent that is going to drive our business forward well into the future. We take brilliant people like you and help them gain a level of experience and exposure that is truly hard to come by. From undertaking training modules, to one-to-ones with your mentor – we’ll help you develop a range of key skills that will set you up to be a huge success! You can find out more about each programmes on our Graduate page.

So now you’ve finished uni, you’ll probably be feeling pretty chuffed with your achievements. But if you’re ready to experience more, you need to apply to Nestlé Academy. Here, you’ll take all that potential and turn it into a career to be proud of.